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Launch Date: TBD

NFT Collection


to the real world.

NFT collection reflecting interests,

desires, and real life issues.

Some fun, some controversial

...others sinister.


You are alone in a vast wilderness with only the hint

of a slight breeze on your ear.

In the distance you see something shimmering.

It looks out of place here.

The monolith draws you in until you are stood at its base with it towering over you. Suddenly the shimmering stops.

You blink, longer than usual - you are mesmerised.

As your eyes begin to fully open, an image starts to form.

Even before the image is fully in focus, your stomach sinks.

You realise it is a reflection of your soul.

What's in your reflection?

Your collection will reflect your interests

or raise awareness on important topics

NFT Background


Setting The Scene

Noise is stripped away with remote background landscapes.


Your NFT-self is able to soul search

in these settings.

It is in these wild locations where the

reflective monolith resides.


Vessel of delivery

What kind of device is able to show

what is reflected in your soul?

Something strange indeed.


The reflective monolith adds mystery and provides the medium to show the world

a reflection of yourself.


Even we do not know where it came from and how it ended up in your NFT!


All we know is: it works.

NFT Monolith

Powerful, thought-provoking images


pixil-frame-0 (1).png

Raw Emotion, Raw Art

The crux of it.

Reflected images could be something cool, happy, quirky.

They could depict desires or physical items.

But buyer is not all bears and laser eyes!

Some images convey a much deeper, sometimes darker meaning.

A personal issue?

A way to raise awareness?

A cry for help?

Holding multiple Specchio NFT's gives you the ability to express

different interests or topics you have an affinity with.

Community Building

Time for Honesty

We all have our demons - these will be shown in the reflected images.

Abortion, prostitution,

alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide....

Holding darker Specchio NFT's will show your

awareness and sensitivity to a specific topic.

You're saying it's ok to talk.

noose desert.png

Lighter Specchio NFT's will

reflect positivity you wish to convey...

perhaps a desire, or just something cool!

Whatever your reflection, you will be part of a community that does not shy away from real world topics that we all struggle with or enjoy!


NFTs that benefit you and others

Hold Specchio NFTs to raise awareness around mental health issues.

Trade Specchio NFT's to get the reflection that suits you.

If you sell, no problem!

It gives someone else the chance to have a reflection that suits them.

Hold for Show, Sell for Dough!


Make profit

Create Art Work ✅



Hold or sell with agreed minimum list price

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Something wicked this way comes...

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